Happy Memorial Day

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As our country prepares to observe another Memorial Day, I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday weekend. My heart goes out especially to all of those who have served our great nation. It is because of their sacrifice that we remain free. In spite of the challenges we’ve faced, and continue to face, we are still a blessed nation. …


A Stunning Summer Crostada

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The height of summer is a beautiful time where I live in Birmingham, Alabama. Gardens and farmers’ markets alike are alive with fresh produce and I’m always looking for new ways to use it all. The Summer issue of Bake From Scratch magazine is ripe with recipes celebrating the glorious bounty of the season, and I especially love all of …


10 Ways to Practice Gratitude

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Practicing gratitude in our daily lives is one of the best ways to create a joyful existence. Think about it. When you’re feeling appreciative of the people, places, and things in your life, there is a great sense of contentment and little room for negativity. We can all be more gracious in our day-to-day lives. Here are 10 ways we …


Dinner Etiquette: Keep the Conversation Light

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It’s very uncomfortable being at dinner when, out-of-nowhere, a topic not suitable for discussion at the table is introduced. What do you do? Well the old Southern rule of table topics is this: “No religion, no sex, and no politics.” (Today we could certainly add more to that list.) And my favorite rule is“Listen carefully, I don’t repeat gossip!” Dinner …


An Inspirational Read

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Sometimes I just need to read something to encourage me as a woman, mother, grandmother, and wife. One of my favorite books to read and re-read is Time Alive by Alexandra Stoddard. As you know she inspired the name of this blog because my dear friend always puts a ribbon in her books when she autographs them. Peeking out of …


I Just Might Need It!

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I come from a long line of people who never throw anything away until we have exhausted all possible uses for something. There are probably three pairs of jeans in my closet that I am saving just in case I need to paint something. Not to mention the other jeans that are being saved in case I lose weight and …


Brian’s Coupe Collection

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One of life’s simplest pleasures is cultivating our surroundings with the little things that inspire us. Many of us have our own collections of special items that we consider to be exquisite or rare, and certainly of great personal interest. I have a fondness for vintage sewing tools, which I’ve written about before. My son, Brian Hart Hoffman, has a broad and remarkable collection …


Entertaining Cookbooks Giveaway

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This time of year, when gardens are in full bloom and the weather is mild, my thoughts always turn to entertaining. There’s just something special about inviting guests into your home to share hospitality and warm conversation. To welcome the season, I’m giving away Volumes 1 and 2 of The Entertaining Cookbook from Southern Lady magazine. I hope that you will find a …


10 Tips for Decorating Your Home for Summer

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Summer in the south will be upon us in no time, and with the gorgeous weather comes the urge to entertain. Hospitality meets casual comfort during the summer, and nature provides us with an abundance of inspiration. I caught up with Southern Home Editor Lynn Lee Terry to provide a few tips for decorating your home for the season.  1. Lighten up, and …