Lakeside Pottery from Victoria Magazine

Inspiring Entrepreneurs: Lakeside Pottery’s Home Studio Creations

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Guest post from the editors of Victoria. Surrounded by acres of orchards and vineyards, artisans Ron and Barb Zimmerman draw inspiration for their work from the shifting kaleidoscope of autumnal beauty that unfolds beyond the doors of their home studio in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. Since opening Lakeside Pottery a quarter-century ago in the Canadian countryside, they have developed a loyal following …

Autumn Bliss picture of nut cookies

Long-Awaited Autumn Bliss Arrives

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I can’t explain it, but I feel that my year starts over in the fall. Most people think of new beginnings at springtime when the earth is waking up. But autumn to me is exhilarating! The colors, the crisp air, the beautiful sunsets over colorful mountains—I love it! Autumn also brings a harvest of wonderful apples, pears, root vegetables, pumpkins, …

Pyrex and Salt and Pepper Shaker Collections - Ribbon in My Journal

The Charm and Personality of Well-Curated Collections

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I often find myself inspired by the home décor captured in our magazines. Peering into a person’s home tells a special kind of story. The color palette, the textures of the fabrics, the shape of the furniture—each element is a clue into what the homeowners love, where they’ve been, and what sets them at ease. Those pieces offer useful ideas …