Hunting For the Perfect Vase

Phyllis Décor 15 Comments

I love it when I find a wonderful vase that makes flower arranging easy. When we were filming at Dorothy McDaniel’s Flower Market, my eyes were drawn to this little vase that looks like bulbs sitting on the table. Upon further inspection, I realized this little vase is designed to hold three single blossoms, and my daffodils now stand nicely …


Simple Tulip Tips from Dorothy McDaniel

Phyllis People, Video 11 Comments

I was lucky to meet Dorothy McDaniel years ago. She has been a featured floral designer in Southern Lady magazine and was a big hit at Southern Lady Celebration. She owns one of the most successful floral shops in the Birmingham area, Dorothy McDaniel’s Flower Market, and loves teaching people her tips and techniques for working with flowers. Anyone who …


Simple Napkin Folding Idea

Phyllis Décor 8 Comments

Bring a bit of seasonal splendor to your home with this lovely decorating idea from Southern Lady. Napkin folding is an easy way to add a special touch to any table, and this step-by-step guide takes out all the guesswork. This clever floral fold can be done with any color napkin, but I just love the feminine polish of pink. Head over …


An Easy Recipe for Pi Day

Phyllis Lifestyle 16 Comments

3.1415 is the numerical value of pi. March 14 this year, 3.14.15, is as close to pi as possible for a mathematic celebration. But on pi day at our house, we will be celebrating by having a “pie” day. One of my favorite pie recipes is one that Barbara Cockerham serves. It is an apple pie made by a recipe …