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Introducing the Tiny Book of Mason Jar Recipes!

Phyllis Inspiration 10 Comments

I am thrilled to show you the latest installment in our Small Pleasures book series. The Tiny Book of Mason Jar Recipes is perfect for your bookshelf or coffee table and is a darling look at the beloved Mason jar. I got to chat with the book’s editor, Cindy Smith Cooper, and I’m delighted to share our conversation so you …


American Girl by Williams-Sonoma Giveaway

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When my granddaughter was born, I immediately started collecting American Girl dolls for her. The first was Felicity, a doll that was being retired. Felicity’s story is based in Williamsburg and the her books teach a lot of American history. Then others followed! I adore American Girl as a company and brand. American Girl dolls are household items for families …

Unique Centerpieces - Ribbon in my Journal

Unique Centerpieces

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It can be a challenge to keep your décor fresh and exciting. I can easily find myself falling into a rut with decorating, especially when it comes to decorating a tablescape. One way I have found to challenge myself and keep my skills sharp is to repurpose unconventional items as unique centerpieces for my table.  Cream pitchers and sugar bowls …

A Simple Act of Kindness - Ribbon in my Journal

A Simple Act of Kindness

Phyllis Lifestyle 31 Comments

The other day a stranger complimented me out of the blue. It was delightfully unexpected and brought a smile to my face. I love moments like that, when someone says or does something that brightens another person’s day. We can all think of those moments of kindness we have experienced. Whether it’s an unexpected compliment, a hug, having the door …

Traveling the World Through Postcards - Ribbon in my Journal

Traveling the World Through Postcards

Phyllis Inspiration 22 Comments

It always makes my day when I open my mailbox to a handwritten letter from a friend. I have always loved writing and receiving notes and I intend to keep handwritten correspondence a priority in my life. With the speed of technology, it is becoming more and more rare to receive words written by hand. There is still a simple …


My Cake Stand Collection

Phyllis Décor 39 Comments

Do you remember seeing a dish for the first time and instantly falling in love with it? I vividly remember one such experience that I had when I first saw my mother’s cake stands. She had several ones that were all beautiful in their own way, but the one that instantly caught my eye was her Fostoria cake stand. I …


Fall Baking

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There’s nothing quite like the flavors of fall. As August heat hits its peak, I begin to look forward to cooler afternoons and all of the wonderful tastes and scents that come with them. This anticipation is no doubt familiar to many across the south and it’s the inspiration behind Editorial Director Brooke Bell’s newest book, Fall Baking. I sat down with Brooke …

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Mix and Match Blue and White Dishes

Phyllis Décor 29 Comments

Anyone who has ever shared a meal at my home has probably eaten on some of my blue and white dishes. This color combination is one of my all-time favorites, and so many beautiful dishes are available in these classic colors. My love affair with these dishes began when my grandmother Norton introduced me to the Blue Willow pattern. Since …

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Brian’s First Cake

Phyllis People 25 Comments

I have always enjoyed baking, especially when I am able to bake with my family. I loved teaching my sons, Eric and Brian, how to bake when they were young. Brian especially took an interest and before long, he wanted to try his hand at baking solo. My friend Barbara was coming over for dinner one evening and he wanted …


My Bucket List

Phyllis Inspiration 23 Comments

I have always been a dreamer. It is such a blessing that so many of my dreams have come true. Being a wife, mother, grandmother, and doing what I love every day with Hoffman Media are all so much more than I deserve. There are other life experiences that I still daydream about, and I write them down in my …