My Favorite Scents

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I don’t know if you remember (or if you were ever forced to read) the short story “The Smell of Chrysanthemums” in high school. I am reminded of that story so many times. The short synopsis is this: a women recounted moments in her life where these flowers were present. Her wedding flowers, the birth of her child, and the …


Correcting a Dessert Disaster

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(Note: The pictured dessert is not the disastrous treat in question. This is a delicious and fool-proof Peanut Butter and Salted Caramel Ice Cream Cake from Taste of the South magazine and you can find the recipe here.) My staff always likes for me to talk about a total bust, something that really messed up despite my best laid plans. Truth …


Encouraging Others

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As I have shared with you, my sweet granddaughter asked if I would teach her how to sew! It was music to my ears. We have begun our sewing journey. Her machine is small and she loves it—Sophia2 by Baby Lock. When she isn’t sewing, it is perfect for me to take when I am traveling. Everyone in my office …


My Summer Travels

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Summer travel for me is escaping to a cooler climate. While I love the wonderful gardens and floral offerings of the south, a respite from the heat is always exciting to me. Our favorite trip to take is an Alaskan Cruise. There is something restorative to me about watching whales jump, eagles soar, and marvelous scenery. The tiny fishing villages …


A Father’s Day Recipe Dad Will Love

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Sunday is Father’s Day and it’s a wonderful time to show appreciation for all of the wonderful male influences in our lives. Whether it’s your own father, your husband, a son-in-law, or just a fabulous male role-model, take time to acknowledge those who are taking a hands-on role in raising the next generation. Piled high with Fried Red Onion Strips and …


A Renovation Escapade

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There was a little mishap with the title of my last e-mail. Oops! This post is not about the Victoria Stationery set (but I’ll be choosing a winner soon!)  My husband and I are renovating an older home for our “final resting spot” as we call it. When I think back on it, I have been renovating my whole life …


Victoria Stationery Collection Giveaway

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I sat in my office on a beautiful afternoon and looked through the back issues of Victoria magazine to gather ideas for a new collection of stationery. The name Victoria brings to mind a lifestyle that is defined by elegance and beauty.  Ever-present were line drawings that inspired the Vintage Collection, featuring a tea cup and tea pot along with botanicals. …